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The original animation, "Hi no Tori, the Phoenix: Dōgo Onsen Chapter"

Episode 3 "And to The Future"
has been released!

The Dōgo Reborn Project is a collaboration between "Hi no Tori, the Phoenix," which is considered the lifework of Japanese manga and animation's pioneer, Osamu Tezuka, and the Dōgo Onsen Honkan.
The original animation, "Hi no Tori, the Phoenix: Dōgo Onsen Chapter" was created as part of this project and is a spin-off based on the "Hi no Tori, the Phoenix" story created by Osamu Tezuka. It is a story of how the Phoenix appears across space and time throughout the history and stories of Dōgo Onsen and guides it at turning points in history. So far the prologue, "Ōkuninushi and Sukunahikona," and first episode, "Prince Shōtoku's Visit," were released in May, 2019, and episode 2, "Shiki and Sōseki" was released in February, 2020. And now, the third and final episode, "And to The Future" has been released.

This episode focuses on Ippen Shōnin, a monk born in Hōgon-ji Temple in Dōgo, and is known for his pilgrimage across Japan handing out written prayers, for prayer dancing, as well as being the founder of the Ji-Shu Buddhist branch. The fantastical story unfolds across the Kamakura period, the present, and the future.

Takeshi Tsuruno as Ōkuninushi/Yukiya Isaniwa
Suzuko Mimori as Sukunahikona/Matahachirō Sakamoto
Itsuji Itao as Ippen Shōnin
Nana Mizuki as the Phoenix
Tomochika ("Just Right, Matsuyama" Cheer group leader) as Madonna/Narration

Animation production: Tezuka Production
Production company: Pony Canyon
Writers: Shoichiro Masumoto, Taisuke Nishimura
Director: Fumihiro Yoshimura

© TEZUKA PRODUCTIONS / City of Matsuyama 2020

The Dōgo Onsen Honkan is currently under repairs to preserve the building. While repairs are being done, it's still open and you can enjoy 100 % natural hot water of Dōgo Onsen

Dōgo Onsen, the famous hot spring with 3,000 years of history
The stone bathing rooms adorned with Tobe porcelain panel paintings and the baths with their large column-shaped water spouts called yugama are representative of the Dōgo Onsen Honkan's unique appeal.